Elegant, captivating, highly-durable

These are the messages your mind interprets for high-quality and premium leather bags. Leather bags perfectly suit professional and networking events. But, whether all of these bags are equal in terms of quality and quantity? 

Obviously not!

The leather bags vary and can provide you worse expect if you fail to make the right choice. When you spend $1000 on a leather bag and after half a year this is what happens:

The stitching becomes loose

The handle gets detached and leather become cracking

The hardware becomes rusty.

For that reason, there are various things to consider before buying a leather bag. Here are 7 important key points of quality you need to look for before taking your wallet out. 

1. Type of Leather Used

The type of leather used for your leather bag matters the most. People often neglect this aspect while making their purchase. Keep in mind that leather type for handbags & purses is as important as shoes and leather jackets. It must be made up of top-quality leather preferably grain leather that looks amazing year after year of use. 

The best thing about quality leather is that it portrays attractive patina – a weathered, and captivating looks with aging. Patina depends on the quality of the leather, it tends to better with higher quality.  

Be aware of the bonded leather that refers to the scrap pieces of leather blended together using chemicals and plastic. You need to avoid purchasing such bags made up of bonded leather -  a duplicate version of leather. 

It has become common among the people as it comes up with a decent leather smell. Keep in mind that it is made up of duplicate leather but the sellers promote it as authentic leather. These products are not valued for money even they come at low price tags. 

2. Tanning Process

Do you wonder whether the leather bags are prepared the same way? 

These are not actually as there are 2 major tanning processes, chrome tanning, and vegetable tanning. Before buying a handbag, you need to know about the difference between them because it affects the price.  

In the chrome tanning process, the chromium or other harsh chemicals are used to prepare leather bags. It doesn’t require much time and usually takes a couple of days. For that reason, chrome-tanned leather products are always cheap, and it accounts for 90 percent of the market leather. 

As the name refers, the vegetable tanning process involves natural material such as tree bark. Unlike chrome tanned leather, vegetable tanned products are produced in an eco-friendly way.

Rehydration takes place in the pre-tanning stage to remove all the hair, and it cuts into two pieces known as “sides”. Large canisters filled with natural tannins are used to put these sides. These are soaked into tanning liquor for a couple of weeks, unlike the chrome tanning process that only takes 2 days. 

The long process makes the vegetable-tanned products thicker and harder as compared to chrome tanned products. But, keep in mind that these products tend to get softer overtime, and it works best for designed tote bags. When it comes to durability and holding ability, vegetable tanned products take an edge over chrome-tanned products. With excellent patina and decent leather smell, these are known worldwide. 

Chenzon Coley is one of the companies that use the vegetable tanning process. They provide quality bags bearing premium designer options and price tags in mind. Their bags are first-class and functional at the same time. The bags often come at affordable prices, and the quality control process makes the products long-lasting. In case you encounter any problem with the product, you’re provided with a lifetime warranty for your ease. 

3. Country of origin and making

The quality of the bag depends on the origin of the leather as well. Italy, France, England, Ukraine and the U.S are renowned countries that produce quality leather products. When it comes to tanning leather, these countries have become reputable in this industry over the years. 

But, you need to keep your side safe and consider the important things before buying a leather bag. Various companies use “Italy's” reputation in the sense that they make products in any other country and come up with fake labels that claim the leather finishing in Italy. By using the fake label and stamping it with Italy’s leather, they sell low-quality leather bags at higher prices. 

Make sure to choose a premium product that is made in reputable countries, and there shouldn’t be any fake label attached to it. The people with exceptional skills and attention to detail work can only guide you in the right way for the bag making process. 

When it comes to premium vegetable-tanned leather, Chenzon Coley ensures using it from European (specifically Italian/Tuscany and Kiev) Tannery those are one of the oldest and reputable. 

4. Durability & Handwork 

Obviously, you would want to purchase leather bags made up of durable leathers. Durable leather is the professional work of art, and it doesn’t come up by simply blending the pieces together. For durability and handwork, consider a careful selection of leather and precise stitching. 

Grain plays a vital role in leather bags and makes the most-durable handmade leather clutch bags. A bag with a certain weight that can be moved easily around without being deformed is the ideal one. When it comes to affordability, top-grain leather is a great alternative to full-grain leather. 

The stitching of a bag requires expert hands of artists to make sure straight, barely noticeable, and tight threads. Make sure to check the inner and outer surface properly for loose threads. 

The reinforced stitching or metal fixtures can be used to attach the handles of bags. Make sure these are properly attached to the body. These handles should not come off with time. 

5. Hardware

You need to do a proper inspection of all the parts including hardware. Take a look from each side of the bad and ensure it is value for your money. Here are some of the features you need to consider for hardware:



Metallic rings


Shoulder strap fittings

Metal zippers (these are of better quality as compared to plastic zippers)

When you’re making an online purchase, make sure to zoom in the photo and properly check each part of the bag. For your satisfaction, you should ask for more images that show the above-mentioned features in detail.

6. Color

Leather bags come in various colors and the most common ones that suit the environment are black, dark brown, tan, and light brown. 

For professional environments, you need to go for black and brown that are the best fit and provide a sense of authority and power. For a casual and relaxed working environment, tan and light brown suits well as compared to black and brown. 

The most common color is black that often fits well for all types of environment. Dark brown is another option for custom made leather handbags that keeps its elegant and classy look for a decade. Make sure to consider color aspects while purchasing a leather bag. Avoid buying a bag with more than one color or contrasting colors. It doesn’t look well and can be seen as flamboyant. Choose a bag with one color that perfectly matches your situation. 

7. Statement

The statement refers that for what purpose you’re going to purchase a leather bag. Its design should perfectly match your profession as discussed in the color section as well. 

It should fulfill your needs and tailor to your style. Your right choice can help you to enhance your style and image. With the help of your elegant bag, you can make a powerful statement. 

Besides these important 7 aspects, you need to know the difference between a messenger bag and a briefcase

Messenger bag

Being more versatile, it suits a more informal atmosphere. 

It is carried over the shoulder. 

For casual work environment and traveling, it works well and can fulfill your needs


It is useful for the people that carry their possessions to and from the office such as doctors, engineers, etc. 

You can carry a suit for your meeting in a briefcase bag. 

It comes up with the attached case to take your documents and laptop in a meeting and you don’t need to carry a full-sized briefcase.


Keep in mind that price doesn’t always portray the quality of leather. Even some brands that charge more provide low-quality products under popular tags. You may have to invest more for premium quality products at the same time. 

Make sure to invest in a premium product instead of so-called premium brands. Choose a leather bag at a competitive price with all the qualities mentioned above. You can get all this in one place, Chenzon Coley