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+5 Extended Warranty & Maintenance

+5 Extended Warranty & Maintenance

Please note that this service is only available for and applied to leather products.

Your authentic leather tote, purse or bag is a quality item that is designed to last for many years with proper care. This means keep your bag safely stored away from light, dust and moisture. Chenzon Coley also wants to help you keep your bag in top shape with our +5 Extended Warranty & Maintenance Plan.

+5 Extended Warranty & Maintenance Plan is chargeable and can be purchased up to 14 days after the product has shipped. 

Extended Warranty applies to product materials and workmanship under responsible use and does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse or accidental damaged or creases, variations in color, and/or small scars (this is leather at the end of the day). For availing such service, you need to communicate with us first by submitting photos of the product, so that we can inspect about the condition of Product; we will then provide the best solution to you.

Maintenance Service is only available for selective Products which are possible to be maintained. Maintenance is about cleaning, maintenance of leather, zip, etc; In each of the product's page you can find a list of the maintenance services the particular product is able to be covered. Once such request is made by you, please send us first photos of the product so that we can inspect about the condition of Product. Once inspected and the product is under the Warranty & Maintenance Plan's liability coverage, then we will provide you a prepaid address label to ship it directly to our workshops.

Maintenance includes:

  • Exterior Clean 
  • Leather Polish 
  • Metal Polish
  • Minor Colour Restoration
  • Minor Repair Work

All the man-hours and service will be provided by Craftsman is payable by us. +5 Extended Warranty and Maintenance Service charge is 6% on the payable amount of product (subject to may change from time to time) in trimonthly basis for three years long; and the service can be used only 3 times within the period of 5 years after the expiring of the manufacturers guarantee of 12 months and the 5 years of the Craftsmanship Guarantee*. Namely, with the purchase of the +5 Extended Warranty and Maintenance Plan you extend the period up to 10 years in total from the time of receiving the product.   

As a gesture of goodwill, once a Product has been delivered to you, if you require any adjustments to be made to it (and the product is already registered with us but also, +5 Extended Maintenance & Warranty Plan is purchased), We will wherever possible but at Our sole discretion, carry out such adjustments free of charge. If We determine that a charge will be applicable to any such adjustments, We will notify you by email before carrying out any work or adjustment in respect of the Product. Once agreement will be reached between You and Us, then we will send you a prepaid address label so that you do not incur any postage fees. Otherwise, where any return postage fees are incurred by you for Products covered by the Craftsmanship Guarantee, We will reimburse you for such fees following your provision of proof of your incurrence of those fees to Us.

* Applicable only once you have successfully registered your product with us within 7 calendar days of the receipt of your product.
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